fox news

Created in 1996 Fox News has become the source most people go to in search of current events and political news. it has surpassed CNN and MSNBC and has become the leading, most watched News channel in America.

Republicans get a lot of heat from Democrats but surprisingly more and more democrats are turning to Fox News to get their news. Although both parties try to keep tabs on each other it is commonly known that Fox News does not ignore a story to protect a President, any President. Many have seen the decline in CNN and MSNBC a direct result in their reluctance to cover negative news stories concerning Democratic Presidents.

Even though Fox News reports and give most of their air time to republicans they do also give a great deal of time to democrats making them one of the most trusted and viewed news networks in America.

Fox News Channel is the most popular news channel in the United States and has seven studios in New York City where it’s headquarters are used for the Fox News channel and Fox Business’ programming: Studio B is used for Fox Business programming, Studio D has an area for studio audiences; and is used by The Five and Mike Huckabee, Studio E used for Fox & Friends, Your World with Neil Cavuto, the Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, and editions of America’s News HQ. Studio G houses Fox Business shows and FNC’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, Studio H used for Fox & Friends First, Happening Now, Studio B and the Fox Report.

Studio J is used for America’s Newsroom, America Live with Megyn Kelly, Hannity and Fox Business’ Money with Melissa Francis and the Web Studio is used for Fox News Live internet shows. Programs such as Special Report with Bret Baier, On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren, and editions of America’s News HQ are not broadcast from the New York City studios but are broadcast from Fox News’s Washington, D.C.