Univision’s shows many telenovelas and serieswhich can also be seen on Canal de las Estrellas in Mexico.  Sabado Gigante, hosted by Don Francisco, shown since 1986 is one of the most popular shows. Other good shows are Sabadazo, Bailando por un Sueno, Como dice el dicho, El Chavo Animado and La Familia P.

La Hora Pico, La Casa De La Risa, and Cero en Conducta, Cristina, Don Francisco Presenta, the newsmagazine “Aqui y Ahora”  are some of the other less popular shows.

Primer Impacto, Al Punto, and the morning news program Despierta America; entertainment news shows El Gordo y La Flaca and Sal y pimienta; and sports discussion program República Deportiva can also be seen on the Univision live stream.

Many telenovelas share some stylistic and, to a certain extent, thematic similarities to the soap opera, a format popular in the English-speaking world; because of these similarities, the American version of Spanish soap opera has come to describe the telenovela format (the telenovela format in and of itself has been attempted in the United States but, generally, to much less success than in Latin America).

Some Spanish-language telenovelas are now translated into English. Univision and Telemundo provides closed captioning in English in order to attract English-speaking American viewers (primarily American-born Hispanics who are not fluent in Spanish), carried as the second or third caption channel depending on the station. Xenon Pictures also includes English subtitles on its DVD releases of Mexican serials. The sudden interest in English telenovelas can be attributed to the appeal and successful ratings of the genre. Producers also see this as a way to attract the fast-growing Hispanic population, most notably the female sector of this demographic. It is no wonder that Univision has become so popular, see for yourself! 21